The Top Golf Courses In Greater L.A.



So with finals week approaching and the end of class near this will  be my final blog post. Writing for this blog was very different to anything I have done before. First off, I rarely use any type of social media so I am not used to writing to such a vast differentiation of people. Although I tried to write to a specific audience I still had to keep in mind that anyone can read my blog if they want to so I still had to be aware of that. It was pretty cool at first to see all of the people  that were reading my blog and for a while I even had some people reading from the UK. Maintaining a consistent blog and writing every week was actually easier than I thought once I got into the system of how to write on a blog and other little things like that. Overall I think it was a good experience to do something like this and I am glad I did this for the class however, after this I will retire as a blogger. Thanks for the opportunity and hopefully I will see you around!


Dad Miller Golf Course

Dad Miller Golf Course is a cute little place to play. This course is right in the middle of a residential area and is adjacent to a high school and elementary school. Despite this I found it to be a peaceful place to be and a true stress reliever.

The course plays very short and very easy. Throughout the course there is very little trouble to get yourself into other than the trees that line the fairways. However even those trees are easy to escape from and it is relatively easy to find the green from them. From the tips the course is only 5900 yards which is insanely short. Also it is rated 67.7 with a slope of 113. If you can’t read through these numbers to know what they mean, basically I’m saying it is VERY easy. Like I said this course took the stress away from me and I wasn’t playing to score well, although I did play pretty good, it was just nice to be outside and have a little walk. The course condition wasn’t too extreme on either side of the spectrum it was just average. For a course that is as cheap as it is that is not a bad thing.

The practice facility essentially makes this golf course. They have a very good putting and chipping area but along with that the range is awesome. It is flat and the designers were smart enough to face it away from the setting sun which is a huge plus. Along with that the range is open until 9pm every night. This is a nice touch especially now with daylight savings time here and the sun setting at 5 or so. Most courses are closing up at 4:30 so having a course that is open well into the darkness is nice. The final selling point for this range is the range cards that they sell. The balls are cheap but if you are looking to save some money they offer range cards from $25 to $300 depending on how much you want to put up front. These are great and the $300 one gives you $500 worth of balls so the savings is huge.


If you haven’t already I would highly suggest heading over to Dad Miller Golf Course to play. The relaxation along with the golf is a combo that is hard to argue with.


Golf Courses and Economics

Hello, I am Jimmy from “Stay in the Loop” and I am proud to be a guest on “Only The Best.” My blog is about economics and finance and since this blog is about golf, I am going to talk about the economics behind golf courses.

Golf courses require precise economic planning in order to be as profitable as possible. There are many parts to a golf course and every detail plays a part in determining the price to play. The quality of the course and the fame of the course tend to be the largest factors when it comes to the price.

The quality of the course is based off the amount of maintenance and location. Maintenance is all the work that makes the course look good. It includes watering, cutting the grass, and the cleanliness of the facilities. The amount of water used on a golf course is completely independent to each course because of size, amount of grass, and location. If the course is located in a place that rains a lot, there is less of a need to water and the amount of rain needs to be calculated into how much more they should water or even how to get extra water out of the course. The more grass there is on a course the more water that is required and that correlates with the size of the course. Higher quality courses are more expensive because they require more work hours and more water, which are extra costs, so that the course is more appealing to the eye and even more difficult to play.

The fame of the course also plays a factor into the price to play. Courses like Pebble Beach ($495) and TPC Sawgrass ($400) are more expensive than Riverview ($17) and Rustic Canyon ($40) because not only the quality but also the fame. Professional tournaments are played at courses like Pebble Beach and that gives publicity to the courses. People then want to play those courses to say they played where Tiger Woods did and pretend they are a professional golfer. People have a high demand to play the famous courses and since the supply is very low, the price can be very high.

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River View Golf Course


Pebble Beach Golf Course


Idea Time

uncle-sam-we-want-youHey guys! So far I have only written about golf courses near Orange County that I have played. I would love to hear some ideas from you guys, the audience, on what I should write about. Any ideas are appreciated and will be considered. To get you started, let me know of any golf course that you like or would like to see a review on. Also, do you want reviews or would you rather have maybe a personal story about how I played one day and my thought process throughout. Those are just some off the top of my head, so be creative I would love to hear your ideas.

Willowick Golf Course

Willowick Golf Course has such a small practice green. How can you practice on something the size of a tic-tac??? #expand #notforme

Willowick Golf is too boring of a course. Every hole is dead straight. Give me some excitement. #notfun

Sometimes I wondered if Willowick waters their grass. Seemed like there was more brown than green. #everheardofsprinklers

San Gabriel Country Club


San Gabriel Country Club is a very cool place to play. The golf isn’t all that great but the history that the course carries makes it a fun experience to be a part of. The course was made into an 18-hole course in 1912 and hasn’t moved since making it

the oldest course in Southern California to still be on its original site. Along with that San Gabriel is home to the Cravens Invitational, which is known as one of the nicest amateur tournaments.

Because this course is so it carries many traditions and holds firm to them. When you arrive you must have proper attire, which is a collared golf shirt, long pants and if you are wearing a hat it must be on forwards. Also, the use of cell phones isn’t allowed except in the parking lot and the locker rooms. For the modern golfer this might be a turn off but for me it only added to the old course mystique that San Gabriel holds.

The driving range, simply said, is pretty bad. Because this course is in LA and it is so old the space is very limited. The driving range reflects that, as it is only about 220 yards in length. The course tries to make this a non-factor by using low compression balls but with a good driver the ball will still go over the net. So, if you can hit it fairly far you cant a driver unless you want to pay for the damages of that shot. The putting green is pretty nice though. They have it right next to the first hole so if you get bored practicing putting go ahead and just look up and you will have entertainment watching people start off their rounds. Along with the nice placement, the

putting green is spacious and allows for all different types of putts whether you want uphill downhill or breakers to the left and right.

The golf course holds true with being an old course. It is short, tight, and tough. The course layout seems pretty smushed together on paper but once you’re out there it is a totally different feel. Trees line every single fairway and many times overhang the fairway making your target even smaller. One hole that stands out to me as an old course feel is number 18. This hole is a short par 4 that from the tee box just looks amazing. On your tee shot you must hit over a street with cars buzzing by. This was probably the most memorable tee shot I’ve ever encountered because when else do you get to hit over a street?! After managing the tee shot the narrow fairway and small green with insane slopes fit into that old course feel.

This course isn’t the nicest or best quality course you’ll ever play but it will probably be the most memorable. If you ever get a chance to play San Gabriel jump on the opportunity and play the course!

Tustin Ranch Golf Course

Tustin Ranch Golf Course is truly a treat to play. This course publicizes itself as a public course with a private feel and it is spot on in its description. As a kid who grew up on a private golf course and now being in college having to adjust to the public feel this was absolutely a trip down memory lane. It can be a little pricy during peak hours but twilight rates Monday through Thursday are $75, which is well worth it. The course has been rated as one of the best in the Orange County Region and in my opinion there are a few holes that really separate this course from the others.


To start with is hole number five. This is a short par four that is only 332 yards and is a dogleg left. Normally you would think this is an easy birdie hole and if you’re a big hitter you might even think you could reach the green, however, Ted Robinson did a great job of making this a sneaky difficult hole. Off the tee unless you hit a slice or a big draw the green is unreachable. This is because of a few well placed trees near the tee box that aren’t huge or visually distracting but they serve their purpose and protect the green. Hitting a layup shot off the tee is no cakewalk either though with bunkers left right and long that are all deep and make the approach shot very difficult. If you execute the tee shot and hit it in the fairway the next shot will scare you. The green is extremely undulated and with a wedge in hand will be extremely hard to keep on the right level with the hole. If you go over the green on a back pin mark down a bogey or worse because you will not be getting up and down from there. This hole although at first glance seems simple, but with some analysis it is easy to see Mr. Robinson put in some hard work to plan the hole out.


Hole 11, I think, is the signature hole of this course. It is a tough 170-yard par 3 that is not only long (plus it usually plays into the wind) but is tustin-ranch-11th-holesurrounded by water. Everything in front of the green is in the drink and anything too far left or right is also gone. The only place visually that looks alright is long, but upon further inspection this has the potential to be worse than in the water in the first place. The green is sloped pretty severely from back to front and if the greens are running fast there is a chance you could chip the ball into the water with a mishit. As if the hole wasn’t hard enough hitting the green doesn’t mean you have a free par. There is a big ridge that works its way through the back portion of the green and if you are on the wrong level from the pin, putting up or down this guy is a disaster. However, even with all the trouble it is still a fair hole because with it being a small green the chance of being close or having a makeable birdie is pretty good if you manage to get a GIR.


The last hole that finishes out the trio of great holes is the end of the course, number 18. Although not too long and what seems to be a fairly wide fairway, this hole is a beast. The tee box is in an awkward spot semi behind some palm trees so you feel the need to aim too far left. This immediately narrows the fairway for everyone who draws theball. If you play a cut though, you are not out of the woods because too much of a fade and your ball will end up in the range, OB. For big hitters driver is not the play here because the bunker on the right comes into to play and even the water encroaches on some of the ling balls. If you don’t place a drive in the center, well… good luck! This green features three tiers that will just as easily spit the ball back at you as it would keep the ball on the right level. With a wedge and too much spin you may have to land the ball 20 yards past the pin in order to get the ball to stay close. Also, if the greens keeper put the pin in the front that water is a scary sight for sure. This hole can make some money change hands quick being the last on the course and having the ability to create some big numbers.


Now since I’ve described what in my view are the signature holes out there you may be thinking this course is way too hard for you but don’t be scared. There are plenty of birdie holes to help you make it back up and believe me when I say this course is worth the money and pain that some of the holes will cause.